Friday, June 14, 2013

Ronnie Herman

In NYC a few weeks ago, I took a break from Book Expo America to spend an hour chatting with my new agent, the marvelous Ronnie Ann Herman (The Herman Agency). We celebrated our partnership in a 10th Avenue coffee shop over thumbprint cookies and iced tea.

It was a hot and energetic weekend to be sure; sitting still in this little air conditioned oasis with a woman of such grace and wisdom was a memorable highlight. Lovely.

Sunday, June 9, 2013



My family drove to Boston yesterday to watch the Sox beat the Angels, and we brought Isabella along for fun. This video (a series of still shots transformed into video using recaps our day.


Isabella is the star of the soon-to-be-released Doodle Storybook, Isabella's Shoe Studio (duopress 2013), written and illustrated by Yours Truly.

Friday, June 7, 2013

pjn photography + duopress = adorable

My friends Courtney and Pete Nettleton, owners of PJN Photography in Glens Falls, NY, are using duopress books as props in their sessions with babies. On behalf of the babies of New York and the tri-state area, Sadie (above) finds My Foodie ABC "delicious."

 Click here to read more about this unexpected and wonderful collaboration.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Expo America

I spent the weekend in NYC at Book Expo America wandering around the massive Javits Convention Center, alternately alone, or with my one of my wonderful friends Marsha (a writer in from Savannah, GA) or Mauricio (owner of duopress). That's Mauricio standing to my right. Marsha took the photo.

They let me sit for fifteen minutes to sign advance copies of the soon-to-be-released Doodle Storybook™ Isabella's Shoe Studio, which by the way looks spectacular. It's a 2-color book which we separated manually, a process about which I will write at length when the books are available and I can get some good photos of the interior. The color leaps, I tell you—it is so vibrant and beautiful. Can't wait for you to see.

If you read the post I wrote before I left, the one right before this one—all about my shoe wardrobe for the trip—and are curious about how everything panned out, rest assured, I wore every shoe that I packed and have no post-shopping regrets. My facebook stream is full of footwear updates, if you care to see them.