Monday, December 2, 2013

Isabella in the Savannah Morning News

This past Sunday (December 1), The Savannah Morning News included Isabella's Shoe Studio in the following article by Linda Sickler, called "Put books by authors with Savannah ties under your tree this year."

"Isabella's Shoe Studio" by Violet Lemay. $12.95, duopress. Available at Shop SCAD, Ex Librirs, and

Savannah College of Art and Design professor Violet Lemay is the art director of duopress and an award-winning children's book illustrator.

Her latest juvenile nonfiction book, released in September, is a whimsical introduction to the process of design. Children don't just read the book, they're encouraged to doodle and create their own art.

"'Isabella's Shoe Studio' is a Doodle Storybook about 8-year-old Isabella, a budding artist with a charitable heart, who dreams of becoming a famous shoe designer," Lemay says.

"The daughter of a hat designer and the granddaughter of a dress designer, Isabella's bent toward art and design is in her DNA," she says. "Through a series of fun interactive activities, Isabella encourages young readers to try their hand at drawing and design, while teaching them about artistic inspiration."

Lemay moved to Saratoga Springs, NY in August 2012, but she still teaches classes online for SCAD. "To date, I have illustrated 18 books for children, with more on the way, mostly for duopress, my favorite publisher, for whom I now act as art director, "Lemay says.

An award-winning illustrator, Lemay's other children's books include "Beach Doodles" (which she co-illustrated with SCAD alumna Paige Garrison), "Doodle Chicago," "Doodle New York," "My Foodie ABC" and "New York Baby."

"'Isabella's Shoe Studio' is unique, fun, educational and adorable," Lemay says. "While most other books for children about fashion are filled with illustrations of designs for grown-ups, 'Isabella's Shoe Studio' is very down to earth, focusing on fun but practical shoes for little girls.

"The shoes are merely a vehicle to teach about artistic inspiration and the process of design.

For example, Isabella asks readers to look at the night sky and at their breakfast table to find inspirations for new shoe designs."*

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