Saturday, October 29, 2016

Science Fair Showdown!

Almost exactly one year ago I was busy painting illustrations for Science Fair Showdown, a chapter book (sixth grade reading level) written by Steven Otfinoski about three friends and their epic quest to win their school's science fair.

Diya, Sofia and Ablert want to work together to on a science fair project about clean, renewable energy. The hitch: each wants to go down a different path. Diya is interested in solar energy, Sofia wants to explore wind, and Albert—whose uncle is a mechanic—wants to learn more about motors fueled by ethanol (biofuel).

They help each other sort out specific scientific failures...

...cheer each other on to personal success...

...and ban together to compete against some rather formidable opponents in the ultimate science fair showdown.


Science Fair Showdown
written by Steven Otfinoski
illustrated by Violet Lemay
art direction by Mary Wages

To order a copy of Science Fair Showdown is special, have a look at p 30 of Pearson's catalog.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

NY Dogs in The BARK!

Thanks to Claudia Kawczynska, Editor in chief of The Bark! Claudia devoted an entire page of her Fall 2016 issue to feature NY Dogs.

Pick up your copy of The Bark today! And click here to order NY Dogs, written and illustrated by Violet Lemay for punchline (2016).