Sunday, May 28, 2017

Babies Around the World

Announcing the recently released board book Babies Around the World!

Written by Puck and designed by Beatriz Juarez, Babies Around the World was illustrated by Yours Truly (Violet Lemay).

As you and your baby turn the pages of Babies Around the World, you'll hop from one city to another until you have circled the globe. Your visual adventure begins in New York City and continues to Mexico City, Rio de Jainero, London, Paris, Capetown, Cairo, Beijing, Tokyo, and San Francisco. At every stop you'll learn to say "hello" in the local language. Fun!

A great review from Publisher's Weekly:

As he often does, my son Graham contributed a few drawings to the cause. To read more about that collaboration and details about how I made the art for Babies Around the World, click here.

Click here to order your copy of Babies Around the World today!


Babies Around the World
duopress 2017
written by Puck
illustrated by Violet Lemay

duopress books are distributed by Workman Publishing