Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chicago, Chicago!

I painted this skyline as a style sample waaaaaaay back in February, for a book I am finishing up right now for duopress.

Although the sample inspired the art for the book, it didn't make the final cut, because the composition of this particular spread changed as the manuscript developed. That's okay, though. If not for the change, I wouldn't be able to share this painting with you now. And the new spread, which will be published eventually, is super nice too.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Summer Splash

I made this image for Jay Judge, Head of Visuals at the Baltimore Sun. The article (published July 5) describes how frustrating it is for lifeguards, who tend to be ignored by kids and parents alike. With Jay's approval, I painted this one with watercolor—"training" to paint an upcoming book for Duopress.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

Have Pentel Brush Pen, Will Travel

My husband Fred and I are traveling in gorgeous upstate New York. There are four big deadlines looming in my future, but it's okay! I packed my Pentel brush pen, a few pencils, and a stack of printer paper—everything I need to keep making line art for Duopress.

Today we swam in Lake George, which required courage (oh man, is that lake cold!), and stamina. We're used to the buoyant salty water off the Georgia coast. Lake swimming definitely requires more upper body strength than I possess, but it was wonderful exercise, and very refreshing.

Back in our sweet little room, I found some time to work. The beauty of this place is astounding. Inspirational! Makes me want to paint farmland and Holstein cows. Some day.

Happy Summer, everyone!