As a mom and college art professor, Violet is great at leading groups of kids in discussions and art activities, as well as giving fun demonstrations of how she makes her illustrations. Click here to see photos from a recent bookstore event.

Working with her favorite publisher, duopress, Violet will tailor a variety of activities to suit the needs of your group, to promote literacy, sell books, and/or raise funds for your PTA.

Over the years she has been invited into classrooms, libraries, and bookstores—live, and also vis Skype!

Organized by duopress and the good people at WORD, Violet made a live drawing for a bunch of kids in Brooklyn, NY, from her studio in Savannah, GA. On site, the kids had activity pages to doodle and color, and everyone had a wonderful time. Curious? Watch the video, below.

Now a happy resident of upstate NY, Violet is happy to travel to New England live events in the flesh, and anywhere, virtually.

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