Saturday, July 6, 2013

Chalkstone Ave, Providence

There are three people in my family: my husband Fred(erick), our eleven-year-old son Gray, and, of course, ME—Violet. This week we took a quick trip to Rhode Island. Fred had business, so Gray and I occupied ourselves searching for lighthouses along the rocky coast. There are something like a million Rhode Island lighthouses. (Go, Ocean State!)

As we were driving along Chalkstone Avenue in Providence, scanning street names to find our way to the highway, we passed Gray Street, over which I made a small amount of fuss, while Gray himself pretended not to care.

A quarter mile or so down the road, we passed Frederick Street. "Oh come ON, Gray! You've gotta admit, that is pretty cool." Still, nothing.

Just as I was thinking, Wouldn't it be amazing to look up and see Violet Street right now? I did look up and there it was, just a few blocks past Frederick: Violet Street! Gray remained unimpressed. In fact, he actually groaned (impatient to get to the lighthouses); however, he was completely patient the following day when I made him ride with me to retrace our steps so I could take these photos.

Violet Street, Providence RI