Saturday, January 31, 2015

Secret Self (vol 1)

I am pleased to announce my inclusion in Secret Self (Vol. 1), a publication of The Little Chimp Society.

From the LCS project page:

Secret Self is the LCS's first foray into smaller art zines and we're looking at producing five volumes over the next year and a half.
Each zine is a revealing collection of portraits and secrets from an international group of artists and designers. Each participant was asked to share something they had never shared with the public before and to create an accompanying illustration. While some are serious and others are silly, all of the secrets give you an insight into the psyches of the artists.
Volume one has been curated by Darren Di Lieto (founder of The Little Chimp Society). He asked ten illustrators to share intimate details about themselves or their lives in a sentence or two and then illustrate their secret in the form of a self-portrait. All funds raised from the sales of the zine go into supporting the LCS and making little projects like this possible.

My self-portrait (seen at the top of this post) reveals a gigantic secret about me that you would never, ever guess... and I will never tell! You'll have to buy a copy of the zine to read what I wrote. And after you've read it, I invite all of you amateur psychologists out there to send me your diagnosis of my psyche.

Click here to order your copy today. The price is £5.99, which is less than $10—a small price to pay for this slick little zine. And—bonus—the funds go to the LCS, an organization which exists soley for the betterment of illustration and illustrators. What's not to like about that?!