Saturday, May 26, 2018

"100 Pablo Picassos" at the Hyundai Museum

Recently, the Hyundai Museum of Kids' Books & Art (MOKA) in Seoul, Korea, included 100 Pablo Picassos—a book which I illustrated in 2014in their "Artists in Books" exhibition.

100 Pablo Picassos, written by Mauricio Velazquez de Leon and designed by Beatriz Juarez (with art by Yours Truly), is a picture book/biography that invites kids to find 100 instances of Pablo Picasso throughout.

It's a brilliant concept, a beautiful book, and I'm very proud to be associated with it.

100 Pablo Picassos has been translated into several languages, including Korean, which is probably how it turned up on MOKA's radar.

The printer's proof above gives a glimpse of MOKA's exhibit pamphlet. Exciting!

Because of an international move three years ago, most of the art that I painted for 100 Pablo Picassos is in storage; however, I had access to the three paintings shown above, a handful of sketches, and the book dummy shown below.

The event organizers graciously agreed that this was enough to merit inclusion in the show. The section featuring 100 Pablo Picassos is shown in the photos below.

Check out this cool drawing station, complete with wonky mirrors... for drawing Picasso-esque self-portraits. Genius!

Besides featuring a brilliant portrait of Yours Truly (top left), doors open, inviting viewers to interact and learn cool stuff about Picasso. More genius!

The dark blue interactive wall was flanked by my three paintings and two sketches, in frames. The book dummy is disassembled, displayed in those white cases.

I'll post photos of some of the other books included in the show, to give you a feel for the whole thing. Enjoy!

Don't you wish you could have been there? I know I do. Between the expense of the trip and an overcrowded schedule, flying to Korea was impossible. Thank goodness for all of these incredible photos, sent by curator Jongji Chen. 

What an honor, to have shared museum space with an impressive array of illustrators and children's books—all celebrating fine artists, and sharing their lives and work with children. Dreams do come true. :)


Click here to order 100 Pablo Picassos.

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