Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frozen Kiss

It is almost chilly in Savannah lately, before the sun comes up anyway. My son and I could see our breath hanging in the air as we walked to the bus stop yesterday—just barely, but it was definitely there. Made me wonder if, when it's chilly out and you blow a kiss to someone, you can see the kiss as it's wafting toward its target. All of these thoughts were the inspiration for this illustration.


Tom said...

I love this illustration! And it brings back happy memories of ice skating with you in Rockefeller Center in the early 90s!

Violet Lemay said...

Wow Tom, I'd forgotten about that. I was remembering skating with you in St. Louis somewhere, with your friend Steve I think. We should do that again sometime. I haven't skated in years.

julissa said...

Lovely illustration!