Friday, October 9, 2009

A Very Frizzy Day

According to my friend Kim's mom, 'frizzy' weather is any humid, misty, or rainy day. If your hair has natural texture or body (a.k.a. is a styling nightmare), I'm sure you know what she's talking about. We had a particularly frizzy day here in Savannah recently and my hair was such a disaster, words were not adequate to describe. For fun I scribbled out the little black and white ink sketch you see here to post on facebook. Hearing comments everywhere I went that day from Savannah ladies who were equally dismayed concerning their frizzy locks, I was inspired to make my little sketch into this color piece.


Kim Rosen said...

Love it!

Amber W. said...

I really like this piece, especially the original black and white drawing. It has a lot of great character. Do you use photoshop for your work or is it done traditionally?

Violet Lemay said...

Hi Amber. I use Photoshop to compile hand-done components and to add a little bit of texture. The line work is all done by hand. =)