Thursday, May 10, 2012

Live Drawing at WORD Book Store

I tried my hand at iMovie to edit this video, which shows me making a drawing in my studio in Savannah, Georgia for a group of kids at WORD Book Store in Brooklyn, NY. Three cheers for Skype!

Although in this video you can't see the folks on the other end, you can hear their voices. Puck (Mauricio Velázquez de León) was there, because he wrote Doodle New York and was the star of the show that day at Word. Jenn Northington, who organized the event, was there as well, directing the whole thing. And of course, there were lots of kids.

Thanks to my friend Brett Wilkes, who shot the video, and... thank you, WORD!


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Kim Rosen said...

Awesome C! So cool, I need to get my hands on that book!