Monday, September 17, 2012

icy editorial

I made this image recently for Jay Judge, head of visuals at the Baltimore Sun. The article was about a new type of plastic surgery that freezes off those last few stubborn pounds. The procedure is recommended only for those who don't have tons of body fat to lose.

In other news: The image is so tall and thin, I tried to pair it with another similarly shaped illustration on my website. Twice. It didn't work, and my husband suggested adding a dress. What do you think? Click here to see, then come back and let me know.





Charla Pettingill said...

Hm, yeah, I think maybe the images might be too contrasting to pair them together, both visually and in terms of content...however, I think the Baltimore Sun image would pair beautifully with some samples of hand-lettered text off to its left. :)

Violet Lemay said...

Hey Charla, that is a really good idea! Thank you!!

Charla Pettingill said...

No problem! You do such great hand-lettering. I think that would be a great spot to showcase some of it in your portfolio!