Sunday, May 12, 2013

American Illustration 32

Hey, I made it into American Illustration's slide show!

The winning images are both from New York Baby: "New York babies are always in a hurry..." (the subway scene), and "New York babies love to learn the ABCs..."

In relation to other illustration competitions, American Illustration is the grittiest and is, therefore, my favorite. :o) 

A decade ago I got into the book, two years consecutively—AI 20 and 21. I was a bit sad at the time, which most definitely showed in my illustrations; hence, my inclusion. One great thing about pain for artists is that it often translates into exceptional work. I got happy soon after and couldn't get into AI anymore, but trust me, happiness was the better option.

How cool, to be recognized by AI for a children's book. It says a lot, I think, for duopress, the publisher. (Duopress, you have highly excellent taste!) 


Altho my winning entries are quite tame, the slideshow as a whole is definitely rated PG-13, at the very least. Just f.y.i.

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