Friday, August 30, 2013

Doodle America

Last winter I was busy making art for a slew of books for duopress, all of which are about to be released in bookstores.

Doodle America was written by the highly prolific Jerome Pohlen, whose Author Profile Page at is extremely impressive—click here, and prepare to be awed! Doodle America is fun and educational, with directives to doodle everything from Ben Franklin's kite in a thunderstorm, to kudzu covering a sleepy southern town. The 180-page activity book is divided regionally, and is ideal for rainy days, road trips, and everything in between.
My son Gray (who is almost twelve already!) still loves duporess Doodle Books, and his friends do, too.

 It's a good thing, since most of them have unwrapped books from the Doodle series at their birthday parties. 

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