Thursday, September 5, 2013

Isabella Paper Doll

In honor of fashion week, duopress is offering a totally *free* and super cute page to download: Isabella as a paper doll, with three outfits to wear!

Click here! Isabella and her paper wardrobe will pop up in a new window.

Cut carefully on the dotted lines. Because of all of the tiny tabs, this may be a job for a grown-up or older sibling.

To make this straw hat fit on Isabella's head, you have to cut the dotted line on the inside, just below the rim. In order for the hat to fit properly and stay in place, be careful not to cut through to the edge! If that happens, don't worry: repair with a tiny piece of Scotch tape. Isabella won't mind. In fact, she is a pro at fixing things with tape. 

Color Isabella's outfits, and post photos of your hard work on her facebook fan page. *Like* the page while you're there, any perhaps she will send you a few more outfits for your Isabella paper doll collection!

Isabella is the cute and funny star of  the new Doodle Storybook™ Isabella's Shoe Studio (Violet Lemay/duopress 2013), available on-line and at your local bookstore. 

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