Sunday, November 17, 2013

SUNY Adirondack

I spent a lovely Saturday morning and afternoon at SUNY Adirondack yesterday, selling copies of a variety of duopress books, including Isabella's Shoe Studio.

The event—a conference sponsored by the Iroquois Reading Council and SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury—featured sessions all day long for grad student educators, focusing on vocabulary. 

As for me, I sat in the airy, sunlit hall at a table full of books with a handful of other local authors and illustrators who were doing the same, including Dale Christopher, Lisa Potocar, and Arthur Gonzalez. Great company, to be sure.

Between sessions we chatted it up with the attendees, who browsed the books on the tables as they ate cookies and drank tea. (There was delicious food available throughout the entire event. So nice!) 

duopress books are fun, interactive, AND educational, so they are always a big hit with educators, and Saturday was no exception. I sold every copy that I had of Yummy Food Doodles, Doodle America, Doodle New YorkNew York Baby, and Isabella's Shoe Studio! I even sold the single copies of Doodle Washington DC, Doodle Texas, and Chicago Baby that I brought along, just in case. It was a great day.

A very special thanks to Bonnie Yanklowitz (that's Bonnie in the photo), who took me under her wing at the Glens Falls Chronicle Book Fair last November, and again this year. Bonnie and Mary Anne Flanders, co-chairs of the Iroquois Reading Council (our local chapter of the New York State Reading Association) were extremely gracious to me—as was a dashing silver-haired gentleman who was so busy helping people all day that I never caught his name. (Stan, perhaps?) The Iroquois Reading Council is a lovely group full of smart, friendly people who love to read and who volunteer their time to promote literacy. What's not to like about that?

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Anonymous said...

Great conference. Thanks to all who provided refreshments for our large group. Jo Ann

Violet Lemay said...

Jo Ann, you did an amazing job with the food! Glad I got to spend some time talking with you.