Friday, November 29, 2013

Violet's of Saratoga

My family moved from Savannah, Georgia to Saratoga Springs, New York, just over a year ago. The move happened quickly—my husband Fred took a job offer up here—and we were excited to migrate north, but it was a huge decision. Despite being in the middle of a busy season of making art for duopress (including Chicago Baby, which I painted all throughout the move), he flew me up to Saratoga Springs to show me around, so that we could decide together whether or not to leave our long-time home of Savannah.

Saratoga Springs' bustling, historic down-town is actually a lot like Savannah, minus the heat and that special Southern je ne sais qois. (Fred blames humidity. I think the likes of Flannery O'Connor and Tennessee Williams would argue that the issue is more complex than weather, but what do I know.) The South has its charms, but this small northern town is absolutely lovely. You'll never guess the name of the first shop that caught my eye as soon as we rolled in: "Violet's of Saratoga!" I saw Violet's, and knew I was home.

I also knew that once Isabella's Shoe Studio was in print, I would see about getting it into Violet's.  Violet's is a chic, up-scale ladies' boutique with an amazing staff, featuring an array of to-die-for shoes as well as everything fashion. Between the name and the content, it seemed a match made in heaven.

Shop owner Laura Farrar couldn't have been more gracious. She embraced Isabella with open arms, and features a stack of books in a place of honor on the counter.

If you're in the area, check out Violet's and of Saratoga. The shop is right down town at 494 Broadway, and there is a parking lot adjacent to the store, right off the street. Tomorrow is SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY—a good excuse to get out support a wonderful, local small business! 


If you look closely you can see Yours Truly in the top photo, and again in this interior shot. (Yes, I am bundled up to my eyeballs in a gigantic woman-eating parka. I've been up here over a year but am still not quite used to the cold.)

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